Primavera y sus primeros brotes de alergia

Spring and its first allergy outbreaks

2020 is noted as one of the years with the highest concentration of pollen in the air.

Symptoms: Inflammation in the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and lungs that produces:

In addition, dense pollution in urban areas helps this growth. 35% of the Spanish population suffers from symptoms during these months when plants and trees bloom.

One of the most widespread allergies is pollen or pollinosis. The pollens that affect us the most are grasses (Mediterranean, southern and central country) and the shade plantain (platanero), entirely in Barcelona and Madrid.

Symptoms: Inflammation in the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and lungs that produces:

  • Itching, congestion, nasal discharge and obstruction, repetitive sneezing.
  • Itchy and watery eyes (conjunctivitis), throat and ears.
  • Dry cough, shortness of breath, asthma, wheezing in the chest.

Natural remedies - plants:

  • herbal infusions: Take warm. You can add honey.
  • antihistamine, anti-inflammatory: nettle tea, perpetual, licorice, mullein, ginger, thyme, green tea.
  • immunostimulant: echinacea, plantain, thyme, lavender.
  • protects and enhances your respiratory tract: thyme, mullein, mallow (reduces mucus and is sedative).
  • anti-allergy: tinospora cordifolia, nettle leaves.
  • nasal congestion: with bitter orange.
  • calming and balancing: spirulina.
  • decongestant: mint and eucalyptus in vapors open the respiratory tract and promote the expulsion of the mucus.
  • natural corticosteroids: black currant. regulates and reduces rhinitis and conjunctivitis.

Strengthen your system with food:

The low immune system causes allergies. If we strengthen it we will avoid them. It is better to prevent than treat allergies.

    • probiotics. They regulate the immune system. yogurt, cocoa, miso soup, sauerkraut, olives and pickles.
    • turmeric. great anti-inflammatory, it also contains enough histamine to combat the allergic reaction.
    • citrus. vitamin c and antioxidants, to combat allergies.
    • Sea water: saline solution helps you clean your nasal passages of pollen or dust and reduce sneezing.

Hygienic measures to deal with allergies

  • Ventilate the house for 10 min. Then avoid having the windows open.
  • Avoid traveling by car with the windows open.
  • On days and hours with high pollen movement, it is recommended to be indoors (5 to 10 a.m.).
  • Dry the washed clothes at times when there is not much wind.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • When you get home, change clothes and take a hot shower.
  • Sunny and dry days increase pollination and cold and rainy days decrease it.
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