Practica baños de bosque, paseos terapéuticos por la naturaleza

Practice forest bathing, therapeutic nature walks

At GGcare, we like to take care of ourselves and enjoy the wonders of nature. Therefore, now that the good weather is approaching, we want to recommend the forest bathing . Experiential walks that seek to leave behind the frenetic pace of cities to connect with nature and with oneself. It can be practiced individually or in company and provides many health benefits!

What is forest bathing?

It is a immersion in nature, a relaxing and therapeutic experience for all people and ages. It is a type of active meditation that stimulates the senses and awareness of the “now” connecting the purest interior of each one with the environment. It consists of immersing yourself in the forest walking calmly. Breathe consciously and focus on your surroundings, listen, perceive textures, smells, etc., mimicking the atmosphere and natural rhythm of the forest. The goal is to take a “little break” or “change of pace” to improve health and well-being. Leave behind the pace of life and the saturation that digitalization has brought, to focus on the essentials of nature and oneself.

Benefits of forest bathing

Walking surrounded by nature allows you to inhale phytoncides (essential oils released by trees with very healthy therapeutic properties for the body), exercise, relax and reconnect with nature.

  • They improve bonds and self-love.
  • They recover the connection with nature and help to value it more.
  • They activate the senses and awareness of the present.
  • Cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and blood pressure decrease.
  • They calm the mind and allow tension to be released.
  • They increase well-being and health by relieving stress-related pathologies.
  • They increase attention, concentration, creativity, mood and optimism.
  • They strengthen the immune system and balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.

How to do forest bathing?

  1. Choose the space and the route.
    Find a space that encourages experimenting with the senses. Smelling flowers, stepping on moist earth, touching and hugging the bark of trees, leaves, stones. You can choose any quiet, little-traveled wooded area, although if the forest is mature, the better. These have aerobiological characteristics ideal for well-being and release a greater amount of phytoncides.

  2. Equip yourself.
    Comfortable shoes and clothing, a bottle of water and protect the skin of your face and hands with the Colored moisturizing cream SPF 20.

  3. Practice conscious breathing.
    You will relax and notice your presence in the natural environment. You can sit or stretch to start working on conscious breathing.

  4. Look at everything around you, interact with nature.
    Listen, smell, observe and calm as you walk slowly. There are programs that offer guided forest bathing and propose specific activities.

  5. Take your time.
    Take a short route for about 2 or 3 hours. Stop to enjoy the sensory experiences that nature offers you. You will discover very pleasant new sensations!

  6. Walk calmly, in silence and let yourself be surprised!
    Walk without looking for anything in particular. If you do the activity with more people, try to maintain silence, it is key for it to be effective.

  7. Enjoy this activity!
    Individually, with your partner, with friends, family or guided groups, enjoy!
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