Como aplicar el Feng Sui en tu vida. parte I

How to apply Feng Shui in your life. part I

As at GGcare we like to take care of you, today we explain how feng shui will help you feel harmony in your own home or at work.

What is it?

Feng shui literally means Wind and Water. It is a philosophical movement born in China more than 4000 years ago. The purpose of feng shui is to maintain the harmony and synergy of the environment with the human being.

Feng shui is a very extensive study; There is a multitude of information, theories and formulas that experts use to balance harmony in homes, starting before building a house, in a project, in buildings, even in a single room.

Today, we explain in a simple way the most basic concepts and their meaning. In following articles we will give you tricks to apply feng shui at home and at work.

Basic concepts within feng shui
  • What is “Qi” (Chi): it represents vital energy, that is, the energy of life. It is the light, the air, the human breath and the positive energy that emanates from the environment. With the practice of feng shui energies flow naturally in our home and workplace. The balance of “Qi” gives us great emotional and healthy well-being.
  • Yin and yang: They are two forces or energies opposite and complementary at the same time. They are in constant movement and each pole depends on the existence of the other. Its symbol ☯ means Harmony. Neither the yin nor the yang they are complete individually. Both contain a part of the other and must be interpreted together and in constant change (like all energy in nature and the universe).
  • Yin: feminine, energy with passive and negative light, night, winter, cold, dark, rear, soft, humid, curved, earth, moon, horizontal, tiger, silence, receive.
  • Yang: masculine, luminous and positive energy in motion, day, summer, hot, light, frontal, hard, dry, straight, sky, sun, vertical, dragon, sound, give.
  • The feng shui tries to maintain balance between the two forces to achieve well-being and prosperity. Otherwise, only one of the energies dominating the other will produce a clear imbalance and will affect our lives in the form of conflicts or illness.
  • The five elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. One of the traditional principles of feng shui. Balance and correct distribution for everyone are always sought. All human beings have the 5 elements, they are in continuous movement and for each person they will have a different meaning. To find our inner and outer balance we must balance them.

Let's remember that feng shui is movement (it means water and wind). We and the house are also movement, due to the continuous flow of energies. To practice feng shui is to harmonize all the spaces that surround us.

It is not an exact technique, we have to memorize its rules. It depends rather on common sense, on feeling and understanding order naturally.

In GGcare we give you tricks to apply feng shui and keep your home and work in complete harmony. Don't miss the next article!

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