Cinco consejos para empezar el día con energía y motivación

Five tips to start the day with energy and motivation

If you like to get up early, but getting active every morning feels like a world to you... we recommend that you take these tips into account. They are basic and essential for your well-being and will help you start the day with energy and motivation!

How to start the day with energy?

  • Smile and be grateful for everything you have. Smiling will help you maintain a good mood from first thing in the morning. Furthermore, reflecting and being grateful for what you have will fill you with satisfaction. You will see things more positively, you will enjoy everything more and you will have greater well-being.
  • Set small goals to find motivation. Thinking about small challenges to achieve during the day will allow you to organize and make better use of your time. You will reduce stress and feel satisfied. Of course, it is important to be realistic with your goals and, above all, reward yourself for each goal achieved.
  • Get active. Meditation, yoga or sex are good allies! One way to activate the mind is with meditation. The state of calm and serenity that the mind has in the morning makes it an ideal time to reflect and be focused on the present. It is also essential to exercise the body. If you don't have time to go to the gym, don't worry! Yoga or sex (individual or as a couple) in the morning can also help you! They will improve your physical and mental health, your mood and will even reduce your stress!
  • Take a shower and pamper your skin. There is nothing like a shower to activate you. Once you go out, don't forget to hydrate and protect your skin with GGcareoils and moisturizing creams. In addition, the pleasant smell they give off will improve your mood.
  • Prepare a healthy breakfast and enjoy good music. Food and music are essential to provide energy to the metabolism.

All these activities have something in common: they make our body secrete dopamine. Dopamine is very important for the nervous system, for well-being and motivation. Therefore, with these 5 tips, you can promote the generation of dopamine and be more active and energetic all day!

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