Respirar en el mar te cuida

Breathing in the sea takes care of you

Breathing the sea breeze continuously benefits people with lung ailments, asthma and allergies.Naturally, its composition, so rich in iodine and sea salts, are components with anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties for the nasal passages, bronchi and lungs.

The sea air is hardly polluted and is full of ozone and nutrients.

We could say that it is a natural bactericide that sends ozone (microparticles loaded with trace elements, iodine and sea salts ) to the atmosphere constantly. One more luxury from Mother Nature and what we breathe immediately when we are near the sea.


The ions are the particles (they can be positive or negative), which we find in the air. Did you know that negatively charged ions are the most beneficial for our body?

Precisely, they are those generated in nature in water currents such as rivers, seas or waterfalls. (Unlike positively charged ions that we find in our homes, buildings, in all closed environments full of energy that comes from electrical appliances, technology, etc.)

The air in areas near the sea and in the oceans is loaded with negative ions , which is why it is so advisable to spend as much time as possible near the coast to enjoy a healthy life.

Important benefits of the breeze by the sea
  • Purifies and restores the PH of the skin.
  • Excellent natural bactericide. Iodine helps us disinfect the eye areas.
  • It detoxifies, disinfects, purifies and strengthens the respiratory system.
  • Oxygenates and strengthens our brain.
  • It relaxes us naturally.
  • It helps produce more serotonin and balances our emotional system.
  • Stimulates neurotransmitters and regulates the nervous system.
  • It clears the mind and makes it easier for us to disconnect from daily problems.
  • Excellent help to combat insomnia. Walk along the beach, exercise, if the season allows it, swim or simply take a dip, relax with the sound of the waves or just looking at the sea.
  • Stabilizer of the metabolic system thanks to iodine. By breathing we will be able to regulate our thyroid and it also prepares the body to absorb substances essentials such as calcium, magnesium.

The importance of breathing

In places located at the level of the sea the atmospheric pressure is very high and there is a greater amount of oxygen, an effect that produces a relaxing action for human beings.

This sedative environment is very beneficial for us, accustomed to stress, surrounded by technology, rush, obligations and with thousands of thoughts in our minds every day.

Remember when you are near the sea that you have pure and oxygenated air. It is important to have good oxygenation and learn to breathe to obtain the maximum benefits of those moments.

Practice this technique: 7-4-7 Series

There are many breathing techniques. It is vitally important to learn to breathe correctly and oxygenate our entire body, especially when we are in places surrounded by nature.

Today we give you a simple principle for when you need to calm down, change the rhythm of the day or simply become aware of the present.

Take note:

- It involves breathing in slowly starting from the belly, filling the lungs and counting to 7

- At 7, hold your breath and count to 4

-  You expel the air through your nose slowly counting to 7

It is a series of 4 times, which you can do sitting looking at the sea, listening to the sound of the waves, stretching or whenever you need it. It will relax you and calm your mind.

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