Los efectos de la contaminación digital en la piel

The effects of digital pollution on the skin

Why is it important to protect our facial skin even if we don't sunbathe or leave the house?

It is very important to protect your facial skin daily. There are many factors that can damage and influence skin aging. In fact, even phones and television emit radiation that is harmful to the skin, did you know?

The importance of always protecting the skin

We are aware of how harmful solar radiation can be, including UVA and blue light, if we do not protect ourselves. Like the sun, it has been shown that LED screens and lights also give off blue light. Therefore, when asked, should we use sunscreen when using our cell phone, computer or while at home? The answer is yes!

 Digitization has encouraged the constant use of screens and, with it, exposure to blue rays has increased. If we do not take precautions and do not protect ourselves, it can cause negative effects on physical health (tiredness), mental health (sleep disturbance), ocular health (visual stress and diseases linked to ocular deterioration) and, above all, on the skin health.

Effects of digital pollution on the skin

  • Premature aging of the skin.
  • Appearance of wrinkles.
  • Skin dryness.
  • Oxidative stress.
  • Stains and color changes.
  • Skin weakness and appearance of erythema and inflammation.

How to protect the skin from screens?

  • Carry out your daily routine even if you don't leave the house and... Don't forget to hydrate!
  • Use sunscreen daily. Apply sunscreen as part of your routine, even when teleworking. We recommend our Moisturizing day cream with SPF20 factor. It will hydrate and protect your skin and will also provide a very natural touch of color.
  • Reduce the use of screens!
  • Put screens away from your face! The radiation will be weaker and will affect you less.
  • Turn on “night mode” and see if it can turn off the blue light! Some Smartphones have these options. If yours has the ability, set it up! Your skin will thank you.
  • Add a filter to your mobile and computer screen to absorb blue light.
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