Cuidados para una buena higiene íntima femenina

Care for good feminine intimate hygiene

Maintaining good intimate hygiene is essential for your health and well-being. The female genital area is very delicate and requires specific care that, either due to ignorance or lack of time, is rarely carried out. For this reason, we provide you with some tips for correct daily care.

Correct intimate cleanliness and hygiene

Correct daily hygiene is essential, without excess or lack of cleaning, so as not to unbalance the microbiota or the pH of the area and thus avoid infections. Lack of cleaning would favor the appearance and proliferation of fungi, germs and bacteria. On the contrary, in excess, it could damage, dry out and alter the pH, weakening the protective barrier created by the vaginal microbiota.

Genital cleansing with appropriate products

  • Use a specific soap so as not to irritate or alter the pH. We recommend GGcare Soap Oil, especially for girls and adolescents who have not yet had their period or women in the menopause period. It is a neutral soap formulated with natural ingredients, including olive oil and rosehip. It is ideal for cleaning and moisturizing the intimate area.
  • Take advantage of your hand to clean yourself! Although sponges are one of the essential products in the shower, avoid them in the intimate part so as not to irritate or introduce germs. Nothing better than using a clean hand for this.

  • Remember to hydrate the intimate area! You can use the GGcare Repair Oil to moisturize, even if you have wounds or cracks. It is indicated to be applied to open wounds and genitals.
  • Don't forget to dry yourself well and gently! Humidity favors the appearance of bacteria and fungi.

Other tips

  • Wear appropriate underwear: without a doubt, cotton clothing is the best to avoid irritating the skin. Of course, avoid making it too tight and change it daily.

  • Follow a balanced and varied diet that provides the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Consuming foods with probiotics, such as natural yogurts, promotes correct vaginal status.

  • Go to specialists: remember to have an annual consultation with the gynecologist and, in case of discomfort or if required, see more often. You will avoid infections and contribute to your well-being.
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