Menos es Más en GGcare. ¿Qué es el pack 3 en 1?

Less is More at GGcare. What is the 3 in 1 pack?

Less is More at GGcare.That's why we give you more in each product.
Why our philosophy? We tell you,
Each of our products:
1- Dermatologically tested with oncology patients. Study at Barcelona Clinical Hospital. 1
2 - Formulated for all skin types, even the most damaged, weakened or highly sensitive. Important.
3 - WITHOUT: parabens, chemicals, paraffins, sulfites, alcohols, perfumes, nitrites, silicones, dyes.
We propose the best combination for your skin
1. Soapy Oil + Soothing Body Cream
Use the soapy oil for your shower, washing intimate areas, facial or hair hygiene. Soothe and protect with soothing body cream.
Products that are already prescribed and recommended by oncologists and dermatologists to care for your skin.
The soapy oil is ideal for cleaning your skin deeply. Give yourself a balm of softness, freshness and aroma. Without side effects, on the contrary because you hydrate your body, in addition to the feeling of well-being thanks to the effects of aromatherapy.
It is extraordinary as a shampoo for all hair types and for shaved scalps (even with dermatitis or attacks from oncological treatments). A relief for dandruff, irritation or eczema problems. Very gently moisturizes both skin, leather and hair.
Removing makeup is easy and a luxury, just apply a few drops to damp hands and wash your face. Rinse with plenty of water. The result is great.
Try it as an intimate soap, the feeling of cleanliness and relief is immediate, as well as well-being, freshness and hydration.
You can apply the body cream whenever you need it, after your shower, in areas with dermatitis, allergies, irritations due to external agents, insect bites, as an after-sun after a day in the sun or as a protector in areas atopic and attacked.
2. Face pack. Colored Illuminating Moisturizing Cream SPF20 + Repairing night cream
The 2 facial creams, day and night, have natural active ingredients, probiotics that restore the skin flora and regenerating, anti-inflammatory, pigmentation regulating and DNA repairing properties.
Important with an SPF20 that protects you all day wherever you are.
In addition, the day cream is illuminating, colored to give your face a healthy and beautiful tone and the most (if you wear makeup, it is a perfect base). Man or woman, 18 years of age and older, these are creams designed and formulated for you.
3. Oils Relievers and Repairers
GGcare oils based on natural and powerful substances have relieving, calming and, above all, regenerating properties. EFFECTIVE, with natural active ingredients that give you proven results. All are indicated for oncologic patients, children, babies, elderly people with sensitive care.
* Relieving Oil, especially indicated for areas affected by dermatitis, allergies, itching, sunburn or oncological treatments (chemo, radio).
* Rosehip Oil, first cold pressed and flavored (with natural rose essence), indicated for blurring marks, blemishes, scars from surgery or accidents, stretch marks on the skin.
Apply them at least 3 times a day. You will see surprising results. You just need a powerful product and your perseverance.
People who are treated or have been treated with chemo and radiotherapy are much more exposed to climatic and environmental attacks.
Professionals and oncologists recommend and prescribe us to keep your skin very protected, super hydrated, nourished with natural active ingredients, and WITHOUT CHEMICALS, so as not to damage it further.

1 GGcare clinical study of 93 oncological patients of the prestigious oncologist Dr. Pere Gascón from the Barcelona Clinical Hospital and the renowned Dr. Pilar Manchón from the Manchón Image Diagnosis center in Barcelona.

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