Un gran antiinflamatorio natural para recuperar tu piel

A great natural anti-inflammatory to recover your skin

Incense with exceptional healing properties is extracted from the resin of its bark. Well known and revered in the East for its oily, aromatic resin and its anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties.

Its name, Boswellia or Indian incense. A tree native to India and currently cultivated in South Asia and North Africa. It grows as a shrub in mountainous regions with alkaline soil and adapts perfectly to very hot climates even without water.

There are many types of shrubs within this species and the most used for medical and cosmetic treatments is Boswellia Serrata and The type of incense it produces is called Salai.

Since ancient times, in India they already used it to make soaps, perfumes, cosmetics and masks to care for and rejuvenate the skin.
In Ayurveda Medicine it is followed using to improve health and prevent disease. Its incense has a soft and relaxing aroma and is used to celebrate religious ceremonies, promote moments of meditation and relaxation.

An artisanal process

The process continues to be artisanal extraction. Cuts are made in Boswellia trees to obtain pieces of bark from which an oily resin (like milky sap) and a rubbery texture appears. It is left to solidify naturally in the open air.

The next step is to collect the hardened resin and extract the Indian Frankincense with all its excellent beauty and medicinal properties.


The concentration of its active compounds gives it extraordinary power as an antioxidant, antimicrobial and antifungal. The boswellic acid found among its components is a great natural anti-inflammatory.

In GGcare we use the extract of Indian frankincense boswellia serrata gum to make the most of its soothing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in our products.

We have formulated the soothing body cream expressly for all types of tired, irritated, attacked, dehydrated or very sensitive skin. In addition, it is designed for people in oncological processes and to help their extreme sensitivity.

Quickly soothes itchy skin whatever its origin: insect bites, kidney failure, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, tightness, irritation, burns, allergies. Itching in general.

You can apply the soothing cream after your daily shower or at any time of the day when you feel itchy. Its effects are immediate, progressively relieving the itching. In addition, it gives you aroma and well-being. Thanks to Indian incense, it helps reduce dark areas of your skin.

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