Endulzar el café de forma saludable

Sweeten coffee in a healthy way

Healthy alternatives to sweeten coffee and avoid sugar

There are many ways to drink coffee. While for some the best option is to savor it without losing its natural bitter touch, for others it is essential to mix it to complement or sweeten its flavor. Whatever your case, we tell you how to complement and how to sweeten coffee without sugar in a healthy way and without losing its intense flavor.

Natural alternative to subtly sweeten without losing the bitter touch of coffee. It contains nutritional, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Adding a teaspoon of cinnamon will allow you to take advantage of its benefits and get your palate used to removing sugar from both coffee and your diet.

  • Add a little cinnamon powder to your coffee and gradually reduce the amount of sugar. If you usually add 2 teaspoons of sugar, try one and a half and a half of cinnamon. Once you get used to it, switch to sugar and increase (to taste) the amount of cinnamon. And so on progressively.

  • You can accompany the mixture with an ounce of 75% minimum cocoa, nuts or a piece of toast with 100% peanut butter. It is a good way to reeducate the palate little by little and enjoy the mixture of new flavors.

Sweetener that, like cinnamon, will let you enjoy the intense flavor of coffee with a different touch. It will improve the flavor and your health will thank you with greater elasticity and hydration of the skin and a good mood. Sprinkle a little cocoa of at least 75% and... Ready to spend the day full of happiness! For more information about the percentage of cocoa and its benefits: The benefits of good chocolate.

Vegetable drinks
If coffee with milk is your favorite option, we recommend that you try vegetable drinks. They have a sweeter flavor than traditional cow's milk. You can choose from a wide variety: almond, soy, oatmeal, etc. Choose the one you like the most, mix it with the coffee and add, to taste, a touch of cinnamon or cocoa powder. You will forget about sugar once and for all and make coffee your best moment of the day!

You can try a small amount of honey to start replacing sugar in coffee. It is more digestive and contains more properties. Now, remember that it is still a source of sugar and its consumption should not be abused.

There are many alternatives to experiment with new flavors and re-educate the palate little by little by sweetening in a healthy way without resorting to sugar.

What is your favorite option to enjoy coffee every day?

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