STOP inflamación. Los 5 pasos para decirle adiós.

STOP inflammation. The 5 steps to say goodbye.

Chronic inflammation is your hidden enemy. Because?

Inflammation is a natural process in the body. Like fever, it is an alarm that goes off and acts if it detects a problem in your body.
When an area becomes inflamed, the immune system attacks the body itself to isolate, destroy the harmful agent and repair. It can be a toxin, chemical, virus, bacteria, etc.

Types of inflammation

Acute: it is easy to detect it, because we feel pain, redness or swelling. Example: you have sprained your foot. It swells, it hurts and to solve it you visit a specialist. Then, you discover what a sprain is and how to treat it until it recovers. You're lucky to have the trouble to find a solution.

Chronicle: you are not aware, because it does not hurt and it does not alert you. Since you don't detect it, you don't deal with it or find a solution. That is why it is a hidden problem and that is when it becomes chronic.

The inflammation that worries us today is chronic. In the last 60 years, we have changed the way we produce and consume food. We no longer listen to our body. We normalize states such as stress, depression, cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis and a thousand other discomforts.
Inflammation is the worst enemy, because you don't notice it until the disease appears, with the problems it brings us.

Recent studies confirm that the inflammatory process is the basis of enemies of society such as cancer, obesity, and hundreds more.
The good news is that we have solutions within our reach, although changing habits makes us lazy.

5 steps to avoid inflammation

1. Eat non-inflammatory flours. Try quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice, millet, amaranth. They provide you with fiber and nutrients.
2. Balance fats: take Omega 3 and EVOO.
3. Avoid processed products and foods. It is a good idea to make your sweets at home.
4. Take probiotics (kefir, sauerkraut) and prebiotics often. Your intestinal and neuronal flora will thank you.
5. Avoid carbohydrates1.

Change the chip. Eat to feel good.

5 Anti-inflammatory Foods

1. Red fruits
2. Green vegetables
3. Extra virgin olive oil
4. Nuts and seeds
5. Turmeric and ginger

5 Inflammatory Products. Refined foods.1

1. White sugar.
2. Processed carbohydrates. Pastries, bread, potatoes, rice, sweets, drinks and sweeteners.
3. Animal fat (bacon, lard).
4. Vegetable oils (corn, sunflower, palm).
5. Synthetic additives.

5 steps anti-inflammatory cooking

1. Prevent the loss of nutrients by steaming, baking, grilling.
2. Cook without dairy.
3. Add cleansing recipes to your menus .
4. Menu balance: fruit, vegetables, cereals, water, proteins.
5. Intermittent fasting. From time to time it is convenient to give your digestive system a break2.

1.Refined foods are those that are modified or made through chemical processes. They lose their nutrients.

2. Always consult with your specialist or trusted doctor.

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