Hidratación: ¿Combatir el calor con alimentos fríos o calientes?

Hydration: Fight the heat with hot or cold foods?

With high temperatures it is very important to cool off and maintain proper body hydration. To do this, it is common for us to focus on cold foods. But is it really the best option?

The importance of hydration
Good hydration is key to contributing to skin well-being and the correct functioning of the entire body. Especially in summer, we sweat, causing us to lose fluids more easily. If we do not hydrate ourselves, blood circulation will be difficult and this will influence the general functioning of the body.

Sweating is good for lowering body temperature, but don't wait until you are dehydrated or thirsty to drink water or give your body the necessary hydration. In fact, there are a large number of foods that you can consume throughout the day to maintain good hydration (seasonal fruits and vegetables, juices, teas or infusions, etc.) and alternate with water.

Cold or hot foods when it's hot?
Relying on very cold foods and drinks in summer is common. But surprisingly, and contrary to what we think, the colder we eat, the hotter we will be. Yes, you read it right! Drinking, for example, a glass of very cold water will not refresh you or quench your thirst, although it may seem like it. It will only reduce the temperature of the stomach and, as a consequence, the body will have to generate extra energy to warm it up and balance the body temperature (36º-37º), thus making us hotter.

Knowing this, we may think that a hot drink in summer would be ideal, but... who wants to come back from the beach and have to drink a glass of hot water, right? The point is not to make a sudden contrast in temperature between your body and what you ingest. In this way, when you are hot, consume foods and drinks at room temperature, it will be the best way to quench your thirst, hydrate and achieve well-being in a warm environment. This means that you can't drink anything cold, of course! But remember, the colder it is, the harder your body will work to compensate for the temperature and the warmer you will be.

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