¡Alimentos para mantener la piel hidratada!

Foods to keep skin hydrated!

Keeping your skin hydrated requires daily care, a healthy diet and drinking enough water. Learn about some foods with ideal properties for health and skin hydration.

Foods to keep skin hydrated

There are many foods with properties that contribute to the well-being of the skin. Let's look at some of the foods that promote skin hydration from the inside.

1. There there is nothing like water!

It is essential to drink enough water to keep the body hydrated. It is the main source of hydration for the skin. About 6-8 glasses a day depending on the person.

2. Pear

Rich in water and flavor. It contributes to skin regeneration and conservation thanks to the antioxidants and vitamins it contains.

3. Cucumber

Composed of a large amount of water and basic vitamins to keep the skin hydrated. In addition, it helps prevent premature skin aging, eliminate toxins and is very easy to include in your daily diet. A good option, right?

4. Apple

Known for its ability to satisfy hunger between meals, and for its benefits for skin health. It contains nutritional, antioxidant and revitalizing properties that hydrate and nourish, delaying the dermal signs of aging.

5. Who can resist a good chocolate?

As we saw in The benefits of good chocolate, cocoa provides many benefits for health and well-being. A teaspoon of cocoa (minimum 75%) a day in coffee or milk, or an ounce of chocolate (minimum 75%) can contribute to a more hydrated, softer, nourished and protected dermis from UV rays thanks to flavonoids , as reported by some studies (1).

6. Avocado

The healthy fats it contains make you flexible, nourish and enrich. They help regulate acne and provide luminosity to the face and hair. An essential!

Remember, to have healthy skin you need to take complete care of yourself. Maintain a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and daily skin care with quality cosmetics that respect the needs of your dermis.

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