Los probióticos de GGcare, efectivos para tu piel

GGcare probiotics, effective for your skin

Surely you have heard of the probiotics and its benefits to strengthen and balance the functioning of the intestinal flora and the immune system.

Currently, we are affected by circumstances or factors that unbalance our intestinal flora and also our skin flora: stress, worries, lack of care, chemicals, lack of exercise, bad habits (tobacco, processed sugar), environmental pollution, lack of protection from UV rays and oncological treatments (chemo, radio).

In the same way that the natural probiotics They provide protection and other properties to our intestinal flora and therefore to our defenses, we can also apply them to our skin, as they will be an excellent protector and will form a new skin flora.

We know that it is beneficial to take natural probiotics daily to protect our body. It is very healthy to do it through foods such as yogurt, apple cider vinegar, raw cheese, kombucha, pickles, sauerkraut, tempeh, kefir, microalgae, among others, as well as supplements as long as they are certified and quality.

What does the probiotic give us? in GGcare products?

The probiotic acts directly in the skin aging process. Increases the quality and speed of epidermal growth. Regenerates the skin flora and promotes the production of high-quality enzymes and essential skin proteins. Accelerates skin renewal. Promotes peeling.

Probiotics and the skin

Do you know that our largest organ is the skin and that it measures up to 2 m2? The skin is our protective shield.

The outermost layer “epidermis” is the one that suffers the most from external aggression or damage. Aging, damaged or diseased skin multiplies the possibilities of “harmful” bacteria penetrating inside us.

A sure way to maintain balance in our skin and skin flora is to take care of ourselves. with high quality probiotics.

probiotics They have antimicrobial, regenerating, soothing and healing properties. In addition, they are a powerful weapon to improve irritation, itching, repair, renew and calm the skin. especially helping damaged or sensitive skin.

Probiotic benefits at GGcare

Thanks to the effect of the probiotic of ProRenew Complex (1) , our facial creams day and evening they get:

  • Enhance skin renewal and its own defenses.
  • Repair, build and maintain the protective barrier of the dermis.
  • Regenerate the skin.
  • Fight and reduce inflammation.
  • Calm irritation.
  • Increase defenses, avoiding new skin attacks.

GGcare recommends that you take care of your skin flora with products that contain high-quality probiotics such as Illuminating Colored Moisturizing Cream , day cream and Nourishing Repair Cream , night cream.

Our GGcare facial creams contain the probiotic ProRenew Complex (2) , dermatologically tested probiotic active ingredient.

The products GGcare do not contain any harmful elements such as parabens, sulfates, silicones, additives, dyes.

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