¿Prevenir la sequedad vaginal?

Prevent vaginal dryness?

vaginal dryness can appear at any time. Taking care of and moisturizing the intimate area is very important to prevent discomfort, conditions and dryness. We review some of the causes of external vaginal dryness and how to prevent it.

External vaginal dryness: causes and how to prevent it

  • Menopause, decrease in estrogen and aging of body tissues.
    With age, the skin and body tissues deteriorate and age. With this, the estrogen hormones, responsible for keeping the intimate area lubricated, are also reduced, causing hot flashes, skin dryness (which mainly affects the external intimate area) and many other characteristic symptoms during menopause.

  • Emotional processes and episodes of stress.
    Emotional factors, stress and emotional changes affect the skin and also intimate health. They weaken the skin, the pH is altered more easily and the skin dries out.

  • Infections, intimate cosmetics, tight clothing or scented tampons.
    They can alter the pH and humidity regulation of the intimate area, contributing to external vaginal dryness (and even internal) and producing cracks.

  • Bad habits, unbalanced diet or smoking.
    The lack of nutrients, physical activity and even bad habits such as smoking, alter blood flow, the humidity of the area and contribute to dermal dehydration.

  • Poor intimate hygiene.
    Both lack of or excess cleansing can affect the pH balance and produce external vaginal dryness.

How to prevent external vaginal dryness?

Maintaining correct intimate hygiene helps prevent. We recommend the Vaginal dryness treatment. By applying the treatment for vaginal dryness once a day, preferably at night, you can maintain dermal hydration in the external area and prevent extreme vaginal dryness.

The Soapy oil cleans and hydrates the area without altering the pH.
The Reparative oil moisturizes and repairs the external area.
More information at Repairing oil, the best ally to hydrate the intimate area.

    vaginal dryness can appear at any time. It is a particularly delicate area and keep it in good condition and good lifestyle habits is essential, above all, for well-being.

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