Treatment for burns in general

For Treatment for burns in general (domestic, solar, etc. or radiotherapy treatments), we offer you an immediate relief solution with 100% natural oils.

  • Relieving Repair Oil has been clinically tested for domestic burns.
  • A Clinical Test has been carried out at the ICO (Institut Català d’Oncologia) of Barcelona on radiotherapy burns.
  • Can be applied to burns up to 3rd degree.
  • You can apply it to burns repeatedly.
  • It has healing, regenerating and disinfecting power.

INDICATIONS for burns due to radiotherapy treatment.

Apply the repair oil 3 times a day, to ensure that the affected area is hydrated and regenerated. NEVER APPLY BEFORE THE RADIOTHERAPY SESSION!! RECOMMENDATION: Bring the repairing oil to the session and apply it immediately afterwards to relieve the burning you feel after the session. More information.

Relieving repair oil!