Effectiveness in burns

Test data

Patient: Female (63).
Pathology: Burn due to external radiotherapy treatment (grade II dermatitis).
Dosage: Repairing oil (3 times/day), Body cream (2 times/day).

After using a pharmaceutical product for 40 days without improvement in the area treated by radiotherapy , a new treatment with GGcare products begins.

The following images show the last 4 days of worsening using another pharmaceutical product. After 40 days without improvement, the patient changes treatment. Start applying GGcare Repair Oil and GGcare Soothing Body Cream . Improvement and evolution of damaged skin is observed from the first application. The patient reports immediate relief from the burns when applying the GGcare products.

Evolution 40 days with other pharmaceutical products

Evolution with GGcare

After observing the images and seeing the evolution of the patient's burns, we can draw the following conclusions:
  • Great visible and symptomatic improvement of damaged skin.
  • Effective from the first application.
  • Rapid evolution of the state of the burns.
  • Immediate relief from burn discomfort.
  • Proportion of immediate well-being to the patient.
  • Positive evolution evident when the skin is treated with GGcare compared to other products.


    This study demonstrates:

    • The effectiveness of GGcare products on the most damaged, sensitive and delicate skin.
    • GGcare works more effectively than other pharmaceutical products.
    • GGcare products are effective and provide immediate well-being to patients.

    TEST| Satisfaction and effectiveness

    Test data

    Situation: The test is carried out before introducing the products to the market, with the purpose of making the pertinent modifications until the highest degree of satisfaction and effectiveness possible is achieved.

    Sample: 93 patients (in different types of oncological treatments) from:

    Objective: Achieve 100% effectiveness and satisfaction in all GGcare cosmetics products in all test participants.

    Procedure: A total of 3 tests were done. Products were reformulated (some up to 3 times) to achieve our goal: 100% satisfaction and effectiveness.

    Products used
    1. COLORED MOISTURIZING CREAM, illuminating (SPF20) :
      Aim: Provide the necessary hydration and restoration. Provide a bright, healthy appearance and make you feel attractive. Aromatherapy.

    2. NIGHT CREAM, regenerating :
      Aim: Repair and rebalance the skin and achieve great comfort when sleeping at night. Aromatherapy.

    3. BODY CREAM, soothing :
      Objective: Soothe the itching and skin discomfort of the body, caused by oncological treatments. Aromatherapy.

    4. SOAPY SHOWER OIL, purifying :
      Aim: Moisturize and regenerate the skin also at the time of the shower, transmitting comfort thanks to the soap-like oil format. Aromatherapy.

    5. REPAIR OIL, relieving :
      Aim: Oil to treat radiodermatitis. Aromatherapy.


    This graph shows the degree of effectiveness obtained in each of the tests carried out.

    Products Test I Test II Test III
    Day Cream 79% 100%
    Night Cream 60% 100%
    Soothing Cream 80% 100%
    Soapy Oil 100%
    Repair Oil 40% 55% 100%

    All products are evaluated with 100% effectiveness in all study participants. The degree of satisfaction of the products is reflected in the final comments, where we also achieved a reach of 100%.

    Satisfaction and effectiveness with GGcare, test in natural clinical cosmetics