Treatment for radiotherapy burns

Radiotherapy sessions usually cause various effects, one of the most common being skin burns. The degree of involvement may depend on the type of radiotherapy treatment, and also on the condition of the skin before starting the sessions. breast radiotherapy burns are usually some of the most intense.

How to treat radiotherapy burns?

As a preventive measure to avoid discomfort and ensure that radiotherapy burns are milder, it is advisable to prepare the skin a few weeks before starting treatment. The area that will be irradiated and also the entire contour of this area must be very well hydrated.

For both prevention and skin protection, at GGcare we propose an effective treatment that has helped much@s pacientities alleviate these effects. Supported by a Clinical Study carried out at the ICO of Barcelona (Institut Català d'Oncologia) - 2020).

1 Clean the area

It is important to clean the affected area before applying any treatment. The first step is to disinfect the burns delicately with water and the Purifying soapy oil, a combination of oils that cleanse and hydrate the skin (even damaged) avoiding the dermal dryness caused by water. and traditional soap.

2 Dermal repair

The second step, help the skin to regenerate with GGcare Relieving Repair Oil. Apply 3 times a day, but NEVER BEFORE THE RADIOTHERAPY SESSION. We recommend bringing the oil to the session and applying it immediately after, to relieve post-session burning.

3 Moisturize and soothe the skin

To soothe the affected area, use 2 times a day (or as needed) the Soothing Body Cream. A radiotherapy burn cream formulated with effective natural active ingredients to relieve inflammation, itching and hydrate the skin.

RECOMMENDATION: To prepare and prevent the skin from being so affected by radiotherapy burns , start the GGcare treatment 1 or 2 weeks before the first session.