• Doctora Pilar Manchon, directora del Centre de Diagnòstic per la Imatge Manchón, recomienda los productos GGcare para el cuidado de la piel

    Dr. Pilar Manchón

    Director Manchón Image Diagnostic Center
    “Caring and trying to cure is the obligation that doctors have with patients. That's why we appreciate that there are products like those from GGcare, designed for people who need delicate care, but that we can also use to pamper ourselves. I especially like its aromas and its pleasant sensation on the skin."
  • Núria Sáez, CEO de Nus agency y presidenta Asociación Enfermeras Imagen Corporal ACICDDI, recomienda GGcare

    Núria Sáez

    CEO, Nus agency.
    President of the Body Image Nurses Association
    “GGcare is ideal for delicate skin, it has a perfect range to treat the skin with softness, regeneration and hydration. The sensations are of healthy skin, I recommend it.”
  • Giulio Martini

    BSc(Hons)Ost DO PGDO mROE Registered Osteopath
    “GeCare products have been a great ally in the management of patients with skin and post-operative problems. Since I discovered GGcare, its rosehip, it has become the reference for the treatment of stretch marks, bumps and the treatment of post-surgical scars, from young people to adults. I have also recommended the line to collaborators in the field of aesthetics and they are delighted with the skin protection and prevention products. The soap has had great success with patients who have suffered from toxicity problems due to digestive and kidney conditions in addition to all patients who have very sensitive skin to other products. The quality and efficiency of its components are notable even for those who are not professionals in the field."
  • Elisenda Camps

    Communicator and specialist in quality of life and well-being

    "GGcare has become my companion of life, I love using their products daily. Their cosmetic line has captivated me for its aroma, its texture, its effectiveness but above all for the care, commitment and research behind it. I fall in love with its products because they deliver. the needs of the most fragile and damaged skin but also the expectations of the youngest and most dynamic. Finally, a natural cosmetic that looks after our health and well-being from the heart"
  • Mª Carmen Juárez

    Journalist collaborator of Cope Barcelona i TV3
    "GGCare products have completely changed my skin. I have always liked to take care of my image and I have found the 'magic' I was looking for. It is difficult to choose one of the 'star' products but if I have to choose one, I would choose Rosehip Oil. Thank you GGCare."
  • Vanessa Nueda, expaciente oncológica y escritora de "El Crep de mi Vida", recomienda GGcare

    Vanessa Nueda

    Ex-cancer patient.
    Blog “
    The Crep of my life
    “GGcare conquered me for the smell. During the treatment I had encountered other brands of oncological cosmetics but they were not pleasant in terms of aromas and taking into account how annoying odors can be during chemotherapy, it is a very important factor. As I learned about their products, I liked them more, pleasant to the touch and with excellent results. I started using the soothing cream for children and the experience was great, today it is one of our essential products."
  • Marta Pujol

    President “Activity Girls.”
    Experient breast cancer patient
    “Super lucky to know these products at this stage of life and I have already incorporated them into my daily life. My favorite soapy oil, the night cream that hydrates my skin so damaged by the effects of chemo and menopause, the rosehip oil with its citrus aroma and the tinted cream that gives me a mattifying and natural appearance. fur. I can only recommend them.”