¿Cuidas bien la piel de tu cuerpo?

Do you take good care of the skin on your body?

Although we sometimes leave our body skin in the background, it is essential to take proper care of it to contribute to full health. The skin protects the body from the outside and needs care to keep it healthy. We tell you how to take good care of the skin of the body in an easy, simple and effective way.

How to take good care of your body's skin?

  1. Cleanse the skin correctly, with the right frequency.
    Cleanliness is key to keeping it in good condition. However, both lack and excess of hygiene can damage the pH and cause infections, dermatitis or dryness. Therefore, it is essential:

    • Avoid showering more than once a day.
    • Do not exceed 5 minutes under warm water.
    • Clean the skin before applying any product or skin treatment.
    • Wipe the sponge gently.
    • Dry the moisture well.

  2. Moisturizes the skin, to maintain pH and prevent premature skin aging.
    Lack of hydration weakens the epidermis and promotes premature aging. One of the main causes of dryness is excess (or lack) of hygiene and the use of inappropriate cosmetics. The water we use to wash ourselves dries out the epidermis. In addition, the lime it contains promotes the absorption of the natural moisture of the protective hydrolipid layer. In this way, the sebaceous glands produce more sebum to rebalance it and acne may appear. It is important to hydrate the entire body daily, including intimate areas, to avoid alterations. Recommendations:

    • Cleanse the skin before applying the moisturizing cosmetic.
    • Use a soap that does not alter the pH. a few drops of soapy oil They help hydrate and cleanse naturally. It does not alter the pH or produce dryness.
    • Hydration after the shower. Employ Soothing body cream . If you need extra hydration, supplement by applying previously repair oil (applicable in intimate areas).
    • Gently exfoliate before moisturizing, to open the pore and allow the product to penetrate better. We do not recommend doing it more than twice a week or if the skin is damaged.

  3. Use cosmetics, the more natural the better
    Natural cosmetics do not incorporate toxic or harmful elements for the body. The GGcare products are made up of natural oils extracted from plants and flowers. They help maintain pH without side effects. In fact, natural ingredients resemble skin fats and assimilate nutrients as if they were their own. They do not clog pores and, in addition, they are environmentally friendly and cruelty free !

  4. Apply appropriate products that adapt to the needs of your skin.
    The active ingredients in your cosmetics must be adapted to what your skin requires. This way you will maintain the pH balance and the nutrients in the product will benefit your skin health.

  5. Pamper your skin every day and pay attention to what it needs
    It is essential to dedicate time to yourself and understand your body. Observing and caressing yourself allows you to see what the body needs and provide it.
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