¿Tienes conciencia de los beneficios que aporta la meditación?

Are you aware of the benefits that meditation brings?

Meditation was traditionally a practice present in numerous religions and beliefs, but today it is a technique for relaxing the body and mind through working with consciousness that is already used worldwide. The objective of meditation is not always relaxation, since it also serves to increase our energy and work on sensations and emotions.

What types of meditation can we do?

· Guided Meditation
· Meditation with mantra
· Full consciousness meditation
· Transcendental meditation
· Qi gong
· Tai Chi
· Yoga

How does this meditation practice affect us?

Spending some time in our day meditating gives us benefits in terms of calm, peace and balance. These benefits positively affect our physical and mental health, and there is no need to have material to practice it or a space dedicated exclusively to this practice. Just with a quiet space, and through a comfortable position, you can practice meditation whenever you feel like it.

What are the benefits that we obtain in the mental sphere?

· New point of view and perspective on problems
· New tools to understand and reduce negative emotions (anxiety, depression, etc.)
· Increased self-knowledge
· Increased ability to concentrate and creativity
· Increased patience and tolerance to adverse situations

And on a physical level?

· Chronic pain
· Cardiovascular diseases
· Blood pressure
· Insomnia
· Headache

GGCare wants to remind you that self-care is essential, and that meditating can offer you a notable improvement in your health through its practice!

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