Mejora el ambiente de tu hogar con lámparas de sal

Improve the atmosphere of your home with salt lamps

GGcare tells you its “secret power”

Himalayan salt lamps are authentic for their health benefits. In addition, enjoying its relaxing and ambient light in your home, it is an extraordinary ecological air purifier.

After a car trip, an afternoon sitting on the couch in front of the TV, after a day of work in an office or on days when the sky is overcast, you feel discomfort such as a thick head, tiredness, mental lethargy... it is because of the excess of positive ions that accumulate in closed places.

You improve immediately when you go outside and drink fresh air , open the windows and ventilate, when leaving the sofa and walking a few minutes outside the house or after the storm starts.

But when you're around From the sea , a waterfall or a river, your mind feels clear and active, with encouragement... it is because of the negative ions that abound in nature.

We tell you how to imitate the same effect in your home and workplace, neutralizing electrical and negative energy in a simple and economical way.

Pure, calming and relaxing light, which balances the frequencies of electronic devices. You can find them in specialized stores and online stores. It is a purchase that is safely amortized by its years of duration.

Origin and composition

Pink salt pieces are extracted from The Khewra Mines of Pakistan (Himalaya).

The lamps are made up of pieces or blocks of pink salt, each piece has different shades from white, pink, salmon to orange. Being natural blocks of salt, all the lamps are different, amorphous and special in their tones and shapes.

Each piece of salt is cylindrically perforated inside, where a low-voltage light bulb is inserted. Generally, a wooden base is attached, which will hold the piece of salt and protect its cable and interior bulb.

Widely used in the philosophy of feng shui and of the meditation .

Why do positive ions harm us?

The positively charged particles of electricity are called positive ions. The excess of positive ions unbalances the air we breathe and causes discomfort in the body. For this reason, we can feel headaches, tiredness, dullness, insomnia, anxiety, depression and low mood.

The electrical appliances we have in our homes and workplaces give off positive ions contaminating the air we breathe in rooms and other areas of homes.

The harmful excess of positive ions occurs in cities due to atmospheric pollution that destroys negative ions.

negative ions They promote the circulation of oxygen to the brain and increase our energy and alertness.

  • We have known that salt is a powerful ionizer since ancient times.
  • Why salt lamps purify the air: they attract water molecules from the surrounding environment and then absorb those molecules into the salt crystal ( hygroscopy ). As the lamp is heated by the heat produced by the internal bulb, that same water evaporates back into the air and the trapped dust particles, pollen , smoke, etc... remain stuck in the salt.
  • They work similarly to Plants absorb harmful energy and return renewed air. You can have one in each bedroom and in the areas that you use the most, have more electrical appliances, feel more static energy and in the workplace with computers, etc.
  • You can keep them on all day decorating your rooms and making sure they neutralize the air in your house. Its consumption is minimal and you will barely notice it.
  • Use special oven light bulbs, they are more durable and have very low consumption.

Benefits (must be on)
  • Improves headaches and mental heaviness.
  • They prevent static energy in the home.
  • reduces asthma attacks and allergies.
  • Promotes concentration and increases work performance.
  • Purifies the air .
  • Relieves cough.
  • Reduces insomnia and stress.
  • Improves mood and increases energy.
  • Reset your energy levels.
  • Cleans, neutralizes and oxygenates the air of the room or place where you are.

Tips and maintenance

Lamps can last a long time as long as you maintain a minimum of care.

  • Do not wet them directly, nor leave them outdoors with the risk of rain.
  • Just wipe the piece with a cloth or soft brush to remove any dust that accumulates.
  • If they are on, their own heat dries the remains of moisture that they absorb. You can have them on 24 hours a day; instead of harming you, it will be total protection.
  • The best care is to have an incandescent bulb so that the charge of negative ions is beneficial for the people who live in the house.
  • You suffer from electrical jerks on your skin when touching the curtain, a doorknob, caressing or kissing other members of your family. A Salt lamp lit in the area where you notice this energy the most and it will disappear. Works!
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