¿Por qué utilizar el jabón natural GGcare para tu ducha diaria?

Why use GGcare natural soap for your daily shower?

GGcare suggests you shower with 3 oils to hydrate your skin.Oncological treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy affect the body very aggressively.Some of the possible side effects to suffer are:

  • Sensation of burning, redness, hot flashes, itching and extreme dryness of the skin.
  • Mild or severe rashes on the face, neck and also the rest of the body.
  • Various reactions in the feet, hands and sensitive areas.
  • Irritation, redness and possible blisters or sores.
  • Inflammation in cuticles, cracks in the fingertips.
  • Very dry skin (xerosis) and itching or itching (pruritus).
  • Spots on the skin.
  • Dryness, peeling and redness in the scalp, itching, sensitivity. Total or partial loss of hair and eyebrows.

GGcare dermocosmetics is formulated to relieve the side effects of oncological treatments and other conditions, sensitive skin, psoriasis, allergies and treatments for all skin types.

In addition, they transmit very special sensations thanks to aromatherapy and its powerful effects on our mood.

Switch to GGcare's natural and effective soap and you will notice the improvement and relief of these symptoms.

The soapy oil from GGcare contains the biological raw material of the olive tree to make the most of the essence of the active ingredients of this t22>liquid gold.

The apurifying soapy oil will be your ally during and after oncological treatments. It will relieve you of discomforts such as: itching, dryness, peeling, redness, itching, inflammation, superficial wounds on your skin.GGcare helps you turn the daily shower into a daily moment of rest, regeneration, hydration , nutrition and softness, transporting you to a world of good sensations thanks to its essential oils with aromatherapy effect.

This purifying soap is formulated with aextra virgin olive oil, arosehip oil 1 cold pressing and wheat germ oil. All of them highly repairing, nourishing, protective and moisturizing active ingredients.

Extra virgin olive oil contains:
  • Antioxidant substances (oleic acid, polyphenols and Vit. AND). Protects you against external factors. Helps delay skin aging and prevents it naturally.
  • Acts as a toning and firming skin. In addition, it is the richest in vitamins E, A, D and K.
  • Anti-inflammatory, restorative and healing properties.

The active ingredients of asoapy oil will soothe your sensitive and damaged areas, purifying your skin naturally .

Use of asoapy oil. Use as a normal gel, applying it all over the body with your hands gently. It spreads a lot and in contact with a little water it spreads fluidly and pleasantly. Rinse with plenty of warm water.

Recommendations to take care of yourself during cancer treatments
  • Avoid the sun. Always remember to cover your head with caps, scarves and apply sunscreen at least SPF20 when going outside in areas that are not covered by clothing .
  • Use soaps or soapy oils mild and very moisturizing. Avoid soaps or shower gels with perfume, sulfates, parabens or chemicals.
  • It is advisable not to use very hot water in the shower or bath to avoid drying out and cracking the skin further. The ideal is shower and with warm water.
  • Avoid soaps with perfumes and chemicals to wash your clothes.
  • Do not use products or materials that may scratch your delicate skin, such as artificial sponges, etc.
  • Dry your body and scalp gently, with touches without scratching sensitive skin with towels.
  • Do not use creams that have perfumes because they dry out your skin and inflame it more.
  • It is advisable to apply a moisturizing cream on the entire skin within 5 minutes of showering and drying. GGcare recommends the calming body cream that In addition to giving you high hydration, nutrition will give you a lot of relief and calm itching and redness for a few hours.

All products GGcare are recommended for cancer patients, and for all types of sensitive skin, allergies, conditions of any type and babies.

They do not contain parabens, sulfates, silicones or alcohols.We do not test on animals.

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