¿Cuándo y cómo aplicar el aceite de Rosa Mosqueta?

When and how to apply Rosehip oil?

Rosehip oil provides many benefits for the skin. It is ideal for daily care, to treat conditions and even to soften stretch marks and heal wounds (domestic or surgical). We tell you when and how to apply Rosehip oil to get the most out of it effectively.

When to apply Rosehip oil?

  • Daily care (face and body):
    Use as a serum at night. Apply before face cream and body cream. The skin will regenerate more easily during the night, it will be hydrated and smooth imperfections. The oil acts as a conductor and allows the subsequent treatment to better penetrate the skin, enhancing its effects.
  • Prevent, treat and soften stretch marks, scars or marks:
    Apply morning and night for a few weeks. When the scar/stretch mark/mark has improved, use once a day after showering. If there is a skin WOUND, wait until it is CLOSED and without a scab. We recommend Reparative oil to facilitate the wound closure. Once closed, use Rosehip Oil to facilitate healing.

  • Soothe irritation, sensitivity, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and dandruff:
    Apply once a day, preferably after the daily shower. Its anti-inflammatory and repairing properties, and the high content of fatty acids, make it very effective in treating and regenerating dry, inflamed, irritated skin, and regulating the skin's natural hydration .

How to apply Rosehip?

1 Cleanses the skin.

You can use GGcare soapy oil and warm water to clean, disinfect and moisturize. In addition, it is suitable for use on wounds and scars.

2 Dry the moisture with a towel.

Avoid rubbing, it could irritate the skin. Try to dry gently with a towel and, if it is cotton, the better.

Apply a few drops of Rosehip Oil.

Spread over the desired area with your hands. Massage with your fingertips.

4 Post treatment.

If used as a serum, wait until it has been absorbed before spreading the Night Cream or the Cream body. The oil will act as a conductor and enhance its benefits and those of the subsequent treatment.

In the case of dandruff, just apply a small amount to the scalp before washing, leave it to act and wash normally. We tell you more in Rosehip Oil, a great ally to forget about dandruff.

Take care of your skin daily with quality natural products and with consistency.

Dermal care, healing and treatment of conditions are processes that require it.

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