La Rosa mosqueta, un lujo de la naturaleza

Rosehip, a luxury of nature

100% GGCARE Rosehip Oil. Cold pressed and flavored. We tell you why GGcare MR oil is high quality and effective.

How do we obtain the oil naturally?

Cold pressing process

1.- Harvest. It takes place during February, March and April.

2.- Pre-drying of the fruit. Solar energy is used to the maximum.

3.- Drying. Dehydration is carried out in the drying oven at temperatures that do not alter the properties.

4.- Selection. Once the fruit is dehydrated, it is separated from the seeds.

5.- Extraction. The seed undergoes a delicate extraction process by cold mechanical pressing, where Rosehip oil is obtained.

Vegetable oils obtained by cold pressing preserve all the nutrients they possess before the process, naturally.

Essential Fatty Acids in Rosehip Oil

Essential fatty acids are related to tissue regeneration and cell growth because they are components of cell membranes and form the barrier of the epidermis, therefore, they are very important for the stability and permeability function of the skin. .

The trans-retinoic acid in Rosehip oil has a powerful anti-inflammatory action that improves cell irrigation, accelerating tissue regeneration. The ability to reduce the tumorigenicity of cells is very important.

Do you know all the properties of MRI?

- Effective in regeneration, hydration and nutrition processes.

- Restoration and reduction of scars and wrinkles.

- Anti-inflammatory activity.

- Revitalizes the fibroblast, the cells that produce collagen and elastin.

- Increases the rate of micro-vascularization and oxygenation of the skin.

- Autogenerates melanin.

- Stimulates rejuvenation.

- Delays the appearance of aging lines.

- Prevents wrinkle formation.

- Reduces expression lines.

- Redistributes pigmentation allowing the elimination of spots.

- Prevents and reduces stretch marks.

- Reduces the effects of cellulite.

- Prevents and repairs sunburn.

- Preventive and corrective actions for photo-aging and skin cancer due to exposure to solar radiation. Activates the autogeneration of melanin.

- Improves atopic dermatitis.

- Attenuates and improves psoriasis outbreaks.

- Improves symptoms of hyperkeratosis and actinic keratosis.

- Treatment of scars caused by burns.

- Treatment of dry skin and eczema.

- Treatment of scars caused by acne.

- Treatment of surgical scars and keloids.

- Treatment of ulcers and sores, especially decubitus and vascular.

- Prevents and reduces crow's feet.

RM oil is a true luxury for your skin. Do you want to know more?

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