Los efectos del tabaco en la piel

The effects of tobacco on the skin

Do you know the dermal effects of tobacco? It is harmful to our health and that of our skin. It is present in most diseases that alter the body and skin balance. In addition, it has a great influence on deterioration and premature aging.

Effects of tobacco on the skin

  • Cellular oxidation.
    Tobacco smoke is full of toxic particles that promote the multiplication of free radicals in our body. It is true that the body produces them naturally and, in the same way, has the ability to inhibit them. However, an excess produced by external factors, such as tobacco, can unbalance and saturate neutralization. The result: an accumulation of free radicals in cells and their oxidation. What we know as cellular aging.
  • Premature skin aging.
    The cellular oxidation produced by tobacco accelerates the deterioration of the body and skin aging(1). The skin loses vitality, shine, elasticity (due to decreased collagen production) and hydration. Given the accumulation of free radicals and dermal deterioration, it has more difficulty regenerating day after day from pollution, free radicals or UV rays, and it weakens.
  • Dehydration and skin weakening.
    Smoke dries out the skin and dehydrates it. This leads to an alteration in the pH, its weakening and a decrease in the protective capacity. It can also cause sleep disorders(2) and it is very important to rest for healthy skin, regenerated, hydrated and strong. If it does not regenerate as it needs, it weakens, showing its punished, dull and dehydrated appearance.
  • Slows down wound healing and promotes the appearance of diseases.
    Tobacco decreases cell regeneration, blood oxygen and collagen production (necessary for elasticity and healing). As a consequence, the skin spends more effort inhibiting free radicals than regenerating, affecting its healing capacity. Therefore, smokers have more difficulty healing wounds correctly and recovery is later. In addition, they are more likely to suffer from and aggravate diseases such as psoriasis or lupus.

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