Piel estresada. Tenemos la solución.

Stressed skin. We have the solution.

We all know the effects of stress. Anxiety, irritability, apathy, tiredness, tension, allergies. These and more physical and psychological disorders.

Most common forms of stressed skin:

• rosacea
• redness
• spots
• atopic dermatitis
• allergies
• acne
• lack of luminosity
• wrinkles

How much stress does your skin have. We give you the 6 main signs:

1. dehydration
2. wrinkles
3. decreased luminosity
4. skin redness
5. acne
6. sagging

You can also control and prevent skin stress. The way is the change of daily habits: healthy eating, exercise, relaxation, distraction and the correct treatment for your skin we give it to you here.

At GGcare, we believe that the skin is the reflection of your well-being, your emotions and your health.

We know that our repair oil / serum is effective and achieves short-term results. Their results in the tests carried out are total.

  • Combat the 6 main signs effectively.
  • It is a biological stress inhibitor in the skin.
  • Increases immune capacity.
  • Activates cells lost due to oxidative stress and enhances them.

It is effective due to its formulation. We have combined 6 pure essential oils. natural oils, seeds and fruits. All of them processed naturally to maintain their principles to the maximum.

1. Wheat germ oil.

2. Rosehip oil.

3. Jojoba oil.

4. Chamomile essential oil.

5. Calendula oil.

6. Macadamia oil.

GGcare repair oil is a skin stress inhibitor.

It is a mixture of pure fatty acids compatible with the skin. When the oils have this functionality, when they melt into the skin, it recognizes them as its own and accepts them. The result is:

  • Powerful hydration, softness, activates the growth of cells and enzymes.
  • Regenerates, reduces inflammation and creates an anti-aging effect.
  • Anti-aging, increases elasticity.
  • Powerful soothing, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory.
  • Antibacterial, fungicidal and antispasmodic action.
  • Healing, smoothes and regenerates dry, fragile and sensitive skin.

We know that the skin and the nervous system connect each cell with the brain. For this reason, our treatments are comprehensive, working on an emotional level thanks to pure essential oils with powerful aromatherapy effects.

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