¿Aceites prensados vegetales o aceites esenciales? Tres puntos clave para diferenciarlos

Pressed vegetable oils or essential oils? Three key points to differentiate them

Do you know the difference between pressed vegetable oils and essential oils? Below we explain three key points so that you can differentiate them and use them correctly, taking advantage of the benefits of each of them.

Both pressed vegetable and essential oils are plant compounds extracted from plants or their fruits. Their differences are found in:

  • The way to extract it.
  • The composition.
  • Uses and applications.


They are obtained mainly by pressing the fattest parts of the plant, that is, the fruit or the seed. They are made up of fatty acids, they are rich in vitamins and trace elements that are very beneficial to strengthen and repair the skin. They contain anti-aging, softening and nourishing properties. They can be applied or consumed without the need to dilute with other ingredients.


Aromatic compounds that concentrate the essence of the plant. They are usually extracted by distillation from different parts of the plant (flowers, branches, leaves or roots). As for the composition, they are light and non-greasy extracts, full of vitamins and therapeutic, antiseptic, regenerating, relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, they penetrate deeply into the skin, hydrating and nourishing it. Very effective in aromatherapy to provide physical and psychological well-being.

To use essential oils, you must take precautions. They are very concentrated compounds and will be applied in small quantities diluted with other ingredients. Therefore, it is ideal to use cosmetics with essential oils that enhance their effectiveness to treat the skin.

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