Prepara tu piel para la primavera, rutina de cara

Prepare your skin for spring, face routine

During the changes of seasons sometimes the skin becomes saturated and causes reactions to appear, that is why we have to be prepared and take care of the dermal layer of our face so that atmospheric changes do not damage it.

Morning facial routine for spring

In a morning routine there are three fundamental steps to follow so that your skin is protected from any external agent and even more so now in spring:

Cleaning: First we have to take into account that the skin has to be washed to remove all the dirt, and disinfect it, and even more so now in the spring, when the pores of the skin become They expand and can collect more dirt. We recommend our Soapy, purifying shower oil which is ideal in the mornings to cleanse and refresh the skin, as it acts as a moisturizer, cleanser and disinfectant, therefore, giving your skin softness and nutrition .

Serum: The serum penetrates more easily into the skin thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients and a very light texture, therefore it reaches the deeper layers of our face and thus has greater effectiveness in results. In our case we use Repairing, Relieving Oil because thanks to its formula that combines 9 very effective vegetable oils to hydrate, heal and regenerate, it is ideal for preparing the skin for the day and protecting it from any external agent.

Hydration: To finish the day routine it is very important to hydrate the skin to protect it from external agents to which it may be exposed during the day and it is also necessary to protect it from the sun's rays, since They can damage our dermal layer. In this situation we recommend the Colored, illuminating moisturizing cream, since apart from providing hydration to your skin thanks to its natural ingredients with regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties that regulate pigmentation and help with DNA regeneration, It has pigment to give lighting and color to your face and also contains factor 20 sunscreen.
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