¿Manchas en la piel? ¡Atenúalas de forma natural!

Spots on the skin? Dims them naturally!

There are many types of skin spots. In this blog we focus on pigmented ones, those with a dark tone that appear on the face, neck, neckline and hands due to the sun or with age. We tell you why spots appear on the skin  and how to easily reduce them with your daily skin care routine.

Why do spots appear on the skin?

skin spots are an accumulation of melanin, a substance responsible for giving color to the eyes, hair and skin (and protecting it from the sun). Our body produces it naturally thanks to melanocytes, cells in the epidermis. The most common factors that can cause the accumulation of melanin are:

  • Sun exposure.
    When we expose ourselves to the sun, the activity of melanocytes increases, more melanin is produced and the most exposed areas darken as a natural protection. When exposure is excessive or without sufficient protection, the distribution of melanin is easily altered and the dreaded brown spots appear.
  • Age.
    The number of active cells that produce melanin decreases with age. Melanin production is lower and is distributed unevenly. The result: uneven color, spots, skin weakness.
  • Genetics.
    The genetic factor can also influence. If your family members have hyperpigmented areas, it is likely that you will develop them more easily.

  • As a consequence of inflammatory skin processes.
    When the skin becomes inflamed or damaged (acne, wounds, scars, etc.) the body produces more melanin in the area in response to cellular damage, leaving dark marks.

We recommend checking the color and size frequently, as well as going to dermatologists for diagnosis. There are some of a harmful nature that require monitoring.

How to reduce spots on the skin?

To show off a healthy face and reduce blemishes on the skin constant care is essential. Provide you with what you need with natural cosmetics that respect your natural dermal pH. To do this, we have created a routine with the best quality natural ingredients, which manages to keep it healthy, nourished, regenerated, illuminated and with a unified tone: the GGcare anti-aging day facial routine.

Three steps to reduce stains:

  1. Daily cleaning.
    Cleanse any impurities that may have settled on your face. At GGcare we use Soapy oil, as it cleans any part of the body (including face, intimate areas and hair), maintains the natural dermal pH and, in addition , Moisturizes the skin. It's our favorite cleaner!
  1. Regenerating serum.
    Apply a few drops of serum for dermal regeneration and to facilitate the absorption of the cream or subsequent treatment. Nosotr@s utilwe use the Repair oil!

    3. Hydration and protection.
    It is important to keep the skin hydrated, nourished and protected from the sun and blue light emitted by screens, to minimize the appearance of spots. For this, the GGcare Day Cream will be your best ally! It will help you protect the skin (contains sun protection factor SPF 20), hydrate it, regenerate it and unify the tone, illuminating the face.

We recommend repeating these three steps morning, noon and night. At night, perform steps 1 and 2.

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