La música, un fantástico estimulante dérmico

Music, a fantastic skin stimulant

Did you know that music can generate very positive, stimulating and pleasurable effects for your skin? Surely you have ever needed to listen to that song that moves you so much. You close your eyes, you immerse yourself in the melody and you forget everything around you. A cold tingling sensation begins to run through your body until it leaves your hair standing on end. A magical moment, right? Well, it is very beneficial for your well-being and your skin. We explain it to you!

How does our body react when we like music?

Music is capable of stimulating us and making us feel very intense emotions. It inspires us, disinhibits us and accompanies us in the most special moments.

When we like a melody, the brain detects positive emotions and secretes dopamine, the hormone of happiness. Dopamine, which are actually neurotransmitters that transfer information from one cell to another, spreads that positive feeling throughout the body to the most external organ we have, the skin. The skin contains nerve endings that link it to the brain. In this way, when a song excites us it can provoke a reaction of pleasure so deep that, in a few seconds, it can be transmitted by stimulating our skin in the form of a chill or even causing a contraction of the erector pili muscles and causing a piloerection (also known as “goosebumps”).

Is listening to music beneficial for your health?

Yes, the diffusion throughout the body of that positive feeling that a melody can transmit to us is favorable for health. Among all the benefits it provides, there are three essential for well-being and skin health:
  • Improved mood.

  • Activates the body.

  • Reduces stress.

The skin externalizes our internal state. Therefore, it is essential to take care of both physical and emotional health.

Take care of yourself, think positively and enjoy the music that excites you the most!

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