¿Cómo calmar el picor de la piel por la noche?

How to soothe itchy skin at night?

Irritation in the upper layer of the skin produces very annoying itching and if this discomfort is suffered at night, it becomes even more unbearable. In this article we are going to give you some tips to combat this unpleasant feeling.

Why does our skin itch?

Itching is a discomfort suffered on the surface of the skin resulting from an irritation that leads the sufferer to the inevitable desire to scratch endlessly. itching on the body at night is more common in elderly people, but it is true that people of all ages also suffer from it. The most frequent itching at night occurs mainly in the back and extremities: arms, legs or hands. More than 33% of people who suffer from itching are worse at night. The causes are not usually very serious, but we are talking about a situation so uncomfortable that it generally disturbs sleep and rest repeatedly and ends up affecting our daily lives.

How to soothe itchy skin at night?

A tip to relieve itchy skin is to treat the itch with cold, either with a cold, wet cloth or an ice pack and keep it on the affected area for 5 to 10 minutes. The cold helps reduce the inflammation that may be causing the itching and also cools the skin.

Another way to soothe itching at night is to apply the Soothing Body Cream from GGcare. This cream immediately calms itching, reduces inflammation and provides general relaxation. Thanks to its natural and effective nutrients, it provides an excellent and immediate result, making the itching disappear and being able to rest all night in one go. We advise you to leave this cream in the refrigerator or in a cold place to multiply its effectiveness.

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