La crema nutritiva GGcare regenera tu piel mientras duermes

GGcare nourishing cream regenerates your skin while you sleep

On these dates we accumulate memories, encounters, nerves, in short a sum of emotions that break with our daily lives.

The regenerating night cream from GGcare contains essential oils with aromatherapy effects that will help make your night's rest more relaxing.

A pleasant aroma will accompany you to enhance the calm that we all seek at the last moment of the day, and especially on these dates full of emotional alterations.

Natural ingredients

The regenerating night cream from GGcare also has all natural ingredients to help the regeneration of all types of skin, especially those that are exposed to oncological treatments.

Contains probiotics that enhance skin renewal and its own defenses, soy bean proteins that regenerate the DNA, corn oil extract that has anti-inflammatory, calming effects and sunflower oil molecules that rebalance the skin.

Your every night ritual

At night when you are ready to rest, give yourself 5 minutes to cleanse and pamper your face. After cleansing your skin, pat it with your fingers to activate circulation in your face. Apply the regenerating cream GGcare all over your face with a gentle massage with your fingers, not forgetting to spread it all over your neck. Make these few minutes your moment night time.

Take the opportunity to enjoy your facial massage, feeling your skin fresh and aromatic. It is important to feel how your breathing flows to feel in the present.

The effects of aromatherapy will comfort you and help prepare your body to begin resting towards sleep repairman.

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