Piel atópica, causas y cómo mejorarla

Atopic skin, causes and how to improve it

atopic skin is a disease characterized by dryness and skin irritation. It leads to peeling and causes very annoying itching. In this article we show the most frequent causes and how to improve it.

Main causes

One of the main causes of atopic skin is due to genetic possession. There are other factors that aggravate symptoms: environmental factors, certain clothing and fabrics, allergies and foods. Therefore, if someone in your family has atopic dermatitis, it is likely that you are a carrier of it. The fact is that many people do not realize that they have atopic skin until they are older due to skin degeneration.

Approximately 20% of children are affected by this disease. Over the years, atopic skin has become more common among the population due to lifestyle habits, lack of sleep, stress and agents related to pollution. There are also other elements that favor the appearance of atopic dermatitis such as: poor hydration both external and internal, drinking a lot of water is very important, but hydrating with a It is also a good cream to protect our body. The cold is another of the external agents that lead to this disease, it makes the skin more sensitive and suffers from dryness and agitation.

At GGcare we recommend our treatment for sensitive skin. This pack contains:

  • Soapy purifying shower oil, which protects the skin also during the shower, exerting a triple effect as it cleans, hydrates and disinfects.
  • Soothing body cream, which in addition to hydrating the skin, relieves discomfort and calms the itching caused by atopic dermatitis.
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