Do you know what aftersun is and why it is so important to apply it after sunbathing?

Sunbathing has become the star activity of the summer, especially to get a tan, improve acne and the immune system, absorb vitamin D or increase the feeling of well-being. We are aware of the benefits it provides, but in excess, without protection or a subsequent hydration routine, it can cause serious skin lesions. That's why we want to explain to you the importance of using a good aftersun after each sun exposure (and not only when the skin is already burned or injured!).

What is aftersun?

Aftersun is a specific lotion to apply to the skin after having exposed it to the sun. It serves to hydrate and, unlike body milk, also to calm and repair the epidermis from radiation.

Why is it important to apply aftersun?

Taking maximum care and protection of the skin before, during and after sunbathing is essential for skin well-being even when we are tanned. Remember that solar radiation causes dehydration, irritation and inflammation of the epidermis, which leads to loss of elasticity, lighting and, if we are not careful, other more serious injuries such as burns, spots, sensitivity, premature skin aging or melanomas. To treat and prevent these symptoms, it is essential not only to use sunscreen, but also to consistently apply specific lotions that contain anti-inflammatory and regenerating active ingredients to rehydrate, reduce inflammation and repair after each exposure.

GGcare recommends:

  • Protect: tanning is a darkening that the body creates by generating melanin as a natural protection from radiation. Therefore, it is very important to prepare and protect the skin daily. Our Tinted Facial Moisturizer with SPF 20 is a perfect option for your face in your daily life.
  • A warm water shower: accompanied with Soapy oil to leave the skin clean without damaging it. Its neutral pH and the active ingredients of natural origin that it incorporates, such as rosehip or olive oil, are very effective in cleansing, regenerating, hydrating and calming sun irritation.
  • Rehydrate and soothe with aftersun: once the skin is clean and dry, it's time to repair it! Calamine, bisabolol or soothex that incorporates Soothing body cream as active ingredients that make our lotion the ideal aftersun to protect, hydrate, soothe and repair. We recommend that you continue using the lotion for a few weeks afterwards to maintain your tan and avoid dehydration.

Now you have no excuse to sunbathe correctly and prepare to have healthy skin. Tell us your experience!

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