La influencia de la alimentación en la piel

The influence of diet on the skin

You have probably heard the expression “We are what we eat”. But, do you also know how diet influences skin health? We tell you all about it in this article.

Foods you should eat so that your skin is protected

We already know that one of the main factors that damages the skin the most is the sun and the screens of computers, mobile phones, television... Since they transmit the same rays as the sun, to inform you more about what external factors that can damage our skin, we recommend you read these two articles: Choose the right sunscreen: what does SPF and the number mean? and The effects of digital pollution on the skin. Therefore we have to take good care of our skin and protect it.

One way to protect our skin (especially the facial skin) is by using our Colored Illuminating Moisturizing Cream with SPF20, offering the face protection from the sun's rays while keeping the face hydrated and uniform.

We can also achieve this protection by eating foods rich in antioxidants such as vegetables, olive oil and legumes, these will promote protection against blue light rays. On the contrary, a diet that is rich in meat, butter and dairy products is harmful and can encourage reactions, so you should take it into account in your diet. It is not about eliminating them completely, but about balancing these types of foods so that in your diet they do not overwhelm those that are most beneficial for the protection of skin health.

The influence of the way you cook on your skin

There are foods that accelerate the aging process such as sugar, but what also influences our dermal health is the way we cook food, such as For example, products cooked on the grill, fried or grilled, these tend to be more harmful than those boiled or cooked. It can be cooked in all ways, but what we should not do is abuse ways that harm our skin.

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